About QuidPro

What's QuidPro?

QuidPro is a streamlined, collaborative multiple-choice question bank. We take your questions, organize them, and present them to you in a form that will be most useful to your studying. It's easy to get started! Just create an account (free and easy), and then you're ready to start submitting and answering questions. When you answer questions, we provide you instant feedback so you can distinguish between topics you know well, and topics you need to work on.

How does it work?

QuidPro is intended to be, and will remain, a free service. Sign up is quick and easy--just provide us your name and email, select your school, and you're ready to go!

QuidPro will improve your grade.

Why? QuidPro immerses you in two processes which contribute to effective learning. The process of formulating a question requires you to think like a test-maker. It helps you to recognize important ideas which could be tested on school exams or later standardized exams. Plus, creating questions in a multiple choice format requires you to provide distractors (wrong answers), which will help you realize subtle distinctions between answers to a question which may be similar.

The process of answering questions (provided by others) will engage you in the learning process, helping you to think actively about important concepts and ideas. It will not only streamline your learning process, it will also help you to prepare, gradually for upcoming standardized exams.

What does QuidPro do for you?

  • Quality Control

    QuidPro collects and analyzes user feedback and input to determine which questions are the best and which need to be edited or removed. This way we can provide self-regulated quality control to ensure we provide you only the best questions.

    We also provide questions to you in an organized, streamlined format. You can filter questions by course, lecture ID, clinical correlation, and other criteria.

  • Rewarding Top Contributors

    QuidPro grants points to quality contributors based on analysis of question quality and quantity. Top contributors will be recognized on a contributor page and will be given access to additional academic materials.

  • An Interactive Forum for Academic Discussion

    QuidPro is not just a question bank. It is also intended to be a content-centered, interactive, academic forum, where users can ask and respond to questions or comments. We provide 'Like', 'Dislike', and comment capabilities for each user-submitted question.